Fishing report for 1/10/20

Ice thickness on all area lakes is 16-20 inches. There are rough spots on the lakes but you won’t fall through. A few walleyes being caught on Starbuck side of Waska. Depth is 18 feet and best in evening. Panfish have scattered on Glenwood side. Fishing activity has slowed on Reno. Still have good panfish reports from Maple, Oscar, Lobster, Freeborn, Rachael and Osakis.

Fishing report for 1/3/20

Happy New Year. Reno and OsakisĀ  are the good lakes to travel on. Sounds like all the rest of the area lakes have problems. A few walleyes are being caught on Waska at dark. Crappies and sunnies have been good on Glenwood end of Waska. Crappie and walleyes on Reno, sunnies and crappies on Maple and Little Mary, panfish on Freeborn, Rachael, Oscar, and Lobster. Ice is rough and uneven on most area lakes.

Fishing report for 12/20/19

Ice thickness on area lakes is now 10-13 inches. Still have not seen any big wheel houses on Waska. Panfish activity on Glenwood side of Waska is good. Crappies being caught on Little Mary and Reno. Rachael, Lobster, Oscar, and Maple are good for panfish. First ice [ 2-5 inches] is over and it was not that good. Spearing activity has picked up.

Fishing report for 12/6/19

We did get 6-8 inches of snow. Still has made ice this past week. Most area lakes have 3-7 inches of ice but it is not even. Freeborn, Little Mary, Oscar, and Glenwood side of Waska have been good for panfish. Also Reno has been good for crappies. The hole on Waska is kicking out some walleyes. Also walleye activity on Reno. Use extreme caution when going out on area lakes!

Fishing report for 11/15/19

Ice fishing has started on Emily, Reno, Mary, Westport and Waska. Sounds like 3″ inches of ice where they have fished. Certainly not even 3″ so be careful. Mary has been sunnies. Reno and Emily has been walleyes. Waska has been mostly crappies. Will continue to report on the ice conditions as I get the information.