Fishing report for 5/26/17

The secret for walleyes on Lake Minnewaska is to fish deep(22-24 feet) of water using live bait and spinners. People are still catching sunfish in the Starbuck marina using waxworms. Bass season opens Saturday and Minnewaska will be good. Bass should be shallow in the bulrushes. Still catching walleyes on Lake Emily but it is extremely weedy. Sunfish and walleyes have been good on Lake Reno. Reno will also be good for bass on Saturday. Hopefully the weather is good and everyone has a good holiday weekend!

Fishing report for 5/19/17

About the same as the last report. Some walleyes being caught on Long Lake. Lake Emily weeds are terrible already. Very little activity due to miserable weather. We still have spot tail shiners!

Opener update

Lake Emily was best using live bait with spinners. The lake is already becoming weedy.

Lake Minnewaska was best before sunrise using live bait with spinners in 22 feet of water.

Lake Reno was best using live bait with spinners in 20 feet or more of water.

No other lake reports.

Update 5/11/17

We are getting closer and the weather gets better with sunshine and highs near 80! We are set to go with plenty of shiners and big leeches. Live bait will be the answer for walleyes on Lake Minnewaska. I would suggest taking a variety of leeches, minnows, and crawlers. The magic depth for the walleyes is a mystery. I would suggest starting in 12-15 feet of water. We will be open extended hours Friday and Saturday.

Update 5/10/17

Weather still looks great for weekend! Some smaller lakes to try for walleyes would be Long Lake, Ann Lake, and Pelican Lake. Shiner minnows and jumbo leeches will be scarce so call ahead.

Fishing update and walleye opener

Sunfish and crappies are biting in the Starbuck marina. Water temps are low 60’s in area lakes. Best lake to try for walleye opener would be Lake Emily. Bad thing about Emily is small lake access. Lake Reno and Pomme¬† should also be good. All these lakes are shallow and will have warm water temps.