Fishing report for 12/7/18

Sunnies during the day in front of fish hatcheryin 14-16 feet of water. Crappies towards evening in the same area. Walleyes on Waska are scattered. You want to be in 18-20 feet of water.Lake Villard has been good for sunfish and bass.Lot of activity on the east side of Reno with ice 12 inches. Waska and area lakes have 10-12 inches of ice but might not be even all over. No word yet from spear fishermen.

Fishing report for 11/30/18

Most area lakes now have at least 8 inches of ice. Early ice walleyes have been good. Crappies and sunnies being caught on Glenwood side of Waska. No spearing reports yet. Also not a lot of fishing reports from  area lakes. Be safe when going on the lakes!

Fishing report for 11/23/18

Most area lakes now have 6-7 inches of ice. Waska has fish houses scattered all over the lake. Crappies are being caught in front of the fish hatchery in 14-16 feet of water during the evening. Walleyes are being caught in Bottle Bay and out in the hole. Northerns and perch are being taken in Emily. Pomme de Tere has been good for walleyes. Use caution on the ice!

Ice update

11/19/18  has most area lakes with 4-5 inches of ice. Caution- this is where the ice fishermen are at. All areas of a lake will not have the same thickness.

Fishing report for 11/16/18

Emily, Stenerson, Villard, and NE bay of Reno have 3-5 inches of ice and are fishable. Waska and other area lakes are capped over and should be ready to go next week. Just heard some guys were fishing Pomme. Be careful and safe!

Ice update

The northeast bay of Reno is iced over and a few brave souls are fishing. Lake Villard and other small lakes are iced over. Waska is still open. Emily should be iced over but no reports for sure.

Fishing report for 11/9/18

Everyone is waiting for ice. With the cold temps there might be some early activity by the end of next week! Look to the small shallow lakes to start first. Keep the wind down. I will post more ice reports when it starts to happen.

Fishing report for 10/26/18

Reno and Waska are best bets for walleyes. We are deep into the fall pattern which means walleyes are easiest to carch than other times of the year. A lot of people are putting boats away and starting to think ice fishing.Our ice orders are just starting to arrive.

Fishing report for 10/19/18

Nice day Thursday and walleye fishermen were out in force! Reno and Waska are still the two best walleye lakes in the area. Check out last week’s report. No reports on sunnies and bass in any of the area lakes. Pheasants are starting to show up as the crops are being harvested.