Fishing report for 1/5/18I

I have had computer problems so I am late. Walleyes on Waska are in 18-20 feet of water. Best time has been late afternoon using fatheads or shiner minnows. Panfish activity has been good on the Glenwood side of Waska. There has been a lot of fishing activity on Reno. Crappie and walleye are being caught. Maple Lake has been good for Panfish. Try Miltona in late afternoon for walleyes.

Fishing report for 12/29/17

Ice conditions on ALL area lakes is uneven. There is 12 inches of ice where everyone is fishing. Crappie fishing on Glenwood side of Waska has been good. Consistent walleye bite in 18-20 feet of water on Waska. Best time has been 4-6 o’clock. Use shiners or fatheads. Nothing happening on Emily. Crappies have been good on Mary, Reno, and Maple. Best walleye fishing has been on Miltona. Sunfish have been good on Little Mary and smaller lakes around Alex. Some nice northerns have been speared on Waska and Pelican.

Fishing report for 12/22/17

About the same as last week. Ice is 8-10 inches on Waska and most area lakes. Trouble is area lakes are reporting uneven ice thickness. Crappies are biting on Glenwood end of Minnewaska. Crappies also hitting on Reno and Maple. Best time for walleyes has been 4-6 o’clock. Fatheads and shiners have been the best bait. Spear fishermen say water clarity on the lakes is good but spearing is slow.Fishing should improve with the cold weather coming.

Fishing report for 12/15/17

Good news this week is the ice on area lakes is safe. Basically 8 in. of ice. but there are still uneven spots. Use lots of caution. Early ice fishing reports are not as good as they should be. Reno might have the best bite for crappies and walleyes. No other lake reports so far.

Ice conditions update

Have a very reliable update on area lakes from fishermen. Waska has up to 7 inches of ice. There have been portables at Starbuck beach, Bottle Bay, and Hunt’s Resort to Glenwood beach. Also Emily,Reno, Westport, and small lakes towards Alexandria have good ice. The ice on the area lakes is still uneven in thickness so be careful.

Fishing report for 12/8/17

Cold weather arrived but so did the wind. Emily, Waska, Mary and most area lakes got ripped apart and have areas of open water. Small portable houses have been on Reno. That is the only lake I know of that is fishable.

Fishing report for 11/24/17

Nothing new since last post on ice conditions. Waska has uneven thickness. Lot of portables on Reno. Emily and Reno should be good for walleyes. Portables on Little Mary fishing panfish. Have not heard anything else. Will update reports as needed.

Ice conditions on area lakes

People are starting to venture out on area lakes. Lake Emily has 5-6 inches of ice and portable houses are used. Little Lake Mary is the same as Emily. I think there will be people on Waska, Reno, Freeborn, Rachael, and other small area lakes.