Fishing report for 12/6/19

We did get 6-8 inches of snow. Still has made ice this past week. Most area lakes have 3-7 inches of ice but it is not even. Freeborn, Little Mary, Oscar, and Glenwood side of Waska have been good for panfish. Also Reno has been good for crappies. The hole on Waska is kicking out some walleyes. Also walleye activity on Reno. Use extreme caution when going out on area lakes!

Fishing report for 11/15/19

Ice fishing has started on Emily, Reno, Mary, Westport and Waska. Sounds like 3″ inches of ice where they have fished. Certainly not even 3″ so be careful. Mary has been sunnies. Reno and Emily has been walleyes. Waska has been mostly crappies. Will continue to report on the ice conditions as I get the information.

Fishing report for 10/25/19

Activity on all area lakes has slowed due to the lousy weather. Seems like we have fought the weather all year. Very few fishermen and even fewer reports. Lots of people have put their boats away and are thinking ice fishing.

Fishing report for 10/18/19

Finally some good reports! Waska walleyes are being caught using jigs and minnows. Fish the points and hard bottom areas in 12-16 feet of water during the day. Troll cranks in 6-8 feet of water in the evening. Still catching northerns during the day on Waska.  Emily has been good for walleyes from shore in the evening and after dark. Use suckers and bobbers on Emily. Walleye and crappies have been good on Reno. Miltona Ida and Osakis are other lakes to try for walleyes. North end of Osakis has been good for sunfish.