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Fishing report for 1/15/16

Ice conditions on most area lakes is 12" but can vary. Have seen a few trucks and large wheel houses on area lakes. Walleyes on Reno and Waska have slowed. There is a real good bite on Waska from 11pm-2am. You have to be there when they bite! Panfish activity on Glenwood side of Waska has improved. Maple lake also has been good for panfish.

Fishing report for 1/8/16

Ice thickness on most area lakes is 10" or more. Still no vehicles or large wheel houses yet, but with cold weather coming by end of weekend this will change. Waska and Reno the two best walleye lakes. Maple and Little Mary are best panfish lakes.

Fishing report for 1/1/16

Happy New Year! Emily has over 8" of ice. Walleyes have slowed on Emily. Waska has 6-8"of ice. Wheelers and small houses are all over the lake. No big wheel houses yet. Walleyes have been consistent. Reno has also been good for walleyes. Panfish have been good on Maple and Little Mary. No vehicle travel has been seen on any area lakes.

Ice update 12/26/15

Emily has 8" of ice and walleyes have been good from the get go. Waska has 4"to 7" of ice. Not even all over. Small fish houses are all over the lake. Reports of good walleye activity. Be very careful and go get them! East side of Reno has also been hot for walleyes.

Fishing report for 12/25/15

All area lakes have 4-7 inches of ice. Have not seen any wheelers on the lakes but a lot of portable houses. Sunnies and crappies on Mary and Maple. Walleyes on Waska,Emily,Pelican and Reno. Be safe and check the ice when going out.

Ice update 12/21/15

Minnewaska has 3-4 inches of ice. Small portables or walking would be the safest option. I think most area lakes have 3-6 inches of ice. Everyone is fishing for walleyes. Be safe and have fun! We will be open Christmas. Closing early for Christmas eve.

Ice update 12/20/15

See yesterday's report. Lakes Pelican and Gilcrist have 3-4 inches of ice. Also hearing some of the smaller lakes are good.

Ice update

Ice fishing on Emily, Reno and smaller lakes. Have heard there is 3-4 inches of ice on these lakes.

Fishing report for 12/18/15

We have some cold weather and it is making ice.All the lakes are still unsafe, but this will change in a hurry. Will do updates as ice thickness gets better.

Fishing report for 12/11/15

There is no report for this week. Have not had any cold ice making temps. The same as last week's report.

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