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Fishing report for 8/19/16

Walleyes are still being caught on Waska and Reno. Use crawlers with spinners on Waska in 20-24 feet of water. Crankbaits early in morning and late evening have been best on Reno. Use crawlers or waxworms on small jigs for sunnies on Waska. Spinnerbaits around docks and shallows have been good early and late in day on Waska. Reports from other area lakes have been quite.

Fishing report for 8/12/16

I was gone all week. Reports seem to be much the same as last week.

Fishing report for 8/5/16

Identical report from last week. The bass have also been very active and easy to catch. Use plastic frogs and spinnerbaits in shallow. Go with plastic worms in deeper water. Bass are also active on lake Reno.

Fishing report for 7/29/16

Sunnies are the fish to target this week. Use nitecrawlers or waxies with small jigs. Fish in 12-14 feet of water. Will have to sort as there are a lot of small ones. Walleyes still being caught using crawlers and spinners in 17-18 feet of water. Also 22-24 feet of water. Reno has been good for sunfish. Also getting a few walleyes on Reno. No reports from other area lakes.

Fishing report for 7/15/16

The same report as last week. We did have storms early in the week and windy every day. Considering this fishing has been pretty good.

Fishing report for 7/8/16

Walleyes on Waska are deep during the day. 22-24 feet of water using live bait and spinners. Sunnies have been easier to locate this past week. Try 12 feet of water using small leeches or wax worms with small jigs. Walleyes on Reno have been inconsistent.

Fishing report for 7/1/16

This is supposed to be fishing report not weather report. No stable weather this past week which means slow fishing. Check last week's report for best options.

Fishing report for 6/24/16

The weather again made fishing tough. Nice size sunnies on Waska but you have to search to find them. Bass are shallow early in day and move to deeper water later. The weather really wrecked any consistent walleye bite on most area lakes. Northerns are good on Waska using cranks trolling in 5-7 feet of water.

Fishing report for 6/17/16

Report is about the same as last week. The nicer size sunnies are being caught in 12-14 feet of water. Reno report is same as last week. No other lake reports this past week. Also too much wind every day.

Fishing report for 6/10/16

Emily and Long same report as last week. Waska has been good this past week. Northerns during the day in 5 to 7 feet of water using cranks. Bass and sunfish are shallow early in the day. Spinnerbaits for bass have been the best. Small jigs and small leeches for sunnies. A few walleyes during the day on live bait and spinners in 20-24 feet of water. Good walleye bite from 9-12 oclock in shallow using shallow cranks. The other good lake for bass, crappies, and walleyes has been Reno.

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