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Fishing report for 11/12/10

Very few walleye fishermen still out. Everybody is waiting for ice! Water temp is low 40's. With weather reports calling for colder temps, it won't take long for first ice. Be ready!

Fishing report for 11/5/10

Only the die-hard walleye fishermen are left. The weather sounds nice for this next week and the walleyes are cooperating. The best method to use on Waska is jigs and minnows in 12-16 feet of water. Walleyes are biting from shore on west end of Emily using minnows. Not a lot of activity on other area lakes. Still, good weather, so get out and enjoy!

Fishing report for 10/29/10

Walleyes are the name of the game from now until freeze up. On Waska, use jigs and minnows on the points and bars in 12-16 feet of water. Evening use shallow running cranks in 5-7 feet of water off the edge of the bulrushes. On lake Emily, use minnows from shore or shallow running cranks from boats. Other lakes to try would be Long, Mary, or Miltona. Nothing to report on other species, as everyone is fishing walleyes right now. Get out and enjoy the good late fall weather!

Fishing report for 10/22/10

My report remains the same as the last two weeks. In to a very strong fall pattern which means the best fishing of the whole year. Check previous reports for methods to use. Have fun and catch some fish!

Fishing report for 10/15/10

This week's report is a repeat of last week. That is the way it works when we get a strong fall pattern going. Waska and all area lakes are the best they have been all year. Get out, enjoy the weather, and catch fish!

Fishing report for 10/8/10

The northerns on Waska are crazy. Shallow running cranks in 5-7 ft of water works great. Also jigs and minnows produce northerns this past week. These fish are small, so sort through them. The same two methods are also producing walleyes. Sunfish and bass can be found on Glenwood side, but you will have to search for them. Miltona is still the hot area lake for walleyes. Also Emily and Mary are producing walleyes. Good luck and keep the nice weather coming!

Fishing report for 10/1/10

Walleyes are hitting on Waska right at dark. Two methods would be shallow cranks or jigs and minnows. Late afternoon or morning is producing a lot of northerns in 5-7 ft. Reports of sunnies and bass being caught on Glenwood end of Waska. Emily,Miltona, Mary, and Reno also report walleyes are biting. Get out and enjoy this coming week of nice fall weather!

Fishing report for 9/24/10

Weather once again hampers the good fall walleye bite on Waska and area lakes. The water temps are dropping which is good. On Waska walleyes and northerns are being taken on shallow running cranks in 5-7 feet of water. Still not much with jigs and minnows. Not much to report on bass and panfish. When the weather improves, so will the fishing!

Fishing report for 9/17/10

Fall fishing continues to improve! Both walleye and big perch are biting on lakes Oliver, Big Stone, and Traverse. Minnewaska walleyes and northerns are being caught on shallow running cranks in 4-8 ft. of water. Not much yet with jigs and minnows on Waska, but that will change shortly. Other area lakes to check for walleyes are Emily, Long, Reno, and Mary.This is shaping up to be an excellent fall for walleyes, so go get 'em!

Fishing report for 9/10/10

This has been worst week weather-wise all year. Weds. was only nice day all week. Lots of small northerns being caught on just about anything and at any depth. Bass and sunnies have slowed up. Some walleyes being caught in shallow next to bulrushes on shallow running crankbaits. Reports of walleyes being caught on Mary, Oliver, and Emily. Walleye fishing will improve as the water temp goes down. Hopefully, the weather improves this week!

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