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Fishing report for 5/28/10

Walleye still biting on Long, Emily,and Waska. Most people are now using live bait, with minnows the best choice. Still no reports from Reno or Mary.
Crappies being caught on Waska between Woodlawm resort and the fish hatchery. Use small jigs with crappie minnows in and around the weeds at 4-5 ft.
Bass opens Sat. Use leeches or spinnerbaits around the weeds. This will be a super opener on Waska.
Weather reports look good, so get out and enjoy!

Fishing report for 5/21/10

The three best lakes so far have been Long, Emily, and Waska.
Long Lake was the best for walleyes last weekend. Cranks and live bait was the ticket. The bite on Long has slowed and it is turning green already.
Emily was good for walleye, northern, and crappies. Use shallow running shad-raps for walleyes and northerns. Use fathead minnows for the bis crappies and walleyes.
Waska walleyes are being caught in 20-26 feet of water using live bait. Best area has been off the school house bar and the points. Crappies have been excellant along the north side in the emerging pencil weeds.

Fishing report for 5/14/10

The sun is shining and the weekend weather report sounds great! Water temps are going to be cool, so my suggestion of shallow lakes should be right. We will be open extended hours this weekend. The summer walleye/fishing contest runs from 5/15-7/31. Bring your fish in and we will get a picture of them.

Special pre-opener report. 5/11/10

The lakes to watch should be Emily, Waska, Long, Reno and Mary. This takes into account the early spring warm-up and the early walleye spawn. The only thing to consider will be the water temp. Mid April the water was 62 degrees. As of today, it is upper 40. All the mentioned lakes are swallower, so water should be warmer. Bait of choice will be nitecrawlers or minnows. If cranks are used, it will be shallow runners especially on Emily. The weekend weather report looks good, so good luck and have fun.

Fishing report for 5/6/10

Weather remains topic #1 with snow in the forecast. Sunfish still biting in the Starbuck marina. Also a few crappies mixed in. Opener next Sat. Everyone is gearing up and looking forward to it. I will do a last minute forecast on the lakes I think will be good next Wed.

Fishing report for 4/30/10

Sunfish are being caught in the Starbuck marina using small leeches or waxworms and small jigs. Sunfish are also being taken on Glenwood side between fish hatchery and the ballroom. Crappies have been inconsistent with best area in front of the fish hatchery.
We are just about done with our store remodeling, so stop on in!
We did not hear much about SD border waters opener. We do have nice large fatheads and big leeches for fishermen headed that way.

Fishing report for 4/23/10

Hot spot for crappies is the Glenwood side of Waska. Use minnows ans jigs in 8 feet of water. Sunfish are hitting in Starbuck marina mostly in the afternoons. Use small leeches or waxies and small jigs.
Walleye opener on SD border waters this weekend. We will have fathead minnows, leeches, and nitecrawlers for fishermen headed out that way.

Fishing report for 4/16/10

Inconsistent seems to be the report all over the area for both crappies and sunnies. Areas to try would be Starbuck marina and fish hatchery bay on Waska. Area lakes to try would be Reno, Lobster, Oscar and Long lake. Jigs and minnows for crappies. Jigs and small leeches for sunnies.

Fishing report for 4/9/10

The crappies are biting in the Starbuck marina and the fish hatchery bay on the Glenwood side. Use crappie minnows and small jigs such as flu-flus. In the Starbuck marina, about 2 feet above the jig and have fun. The marina is shore fishing and the bay is mostly boat fishing due to lack of public shoreline. The sunfish should be in the marina by this weekend. Use waxworms or small leeches and jigs for the sunnies.
Other area lakes that were good for crappies this past week were Pocket and Pelican.

Fishing report for 4/2/10

The good news is we have open water fishing. This is one of the earliest openers I can remember. Get out and enjoy. Some areas to check for crappies include the Starbuck marina, fish hatchery bay on the Glenwood side, Pocket Lake, and area between Turtle and Maple lakes. Great to have an early start and have fun.

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