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Fishing report for 12/28/12

Ice on area lakes is now 12 inches or more. Normal winter caution advised. Walleyes still being caught on Waska in late afternoon using jigs and minnows in 12-15 feet of water. Sunnies and crappies biting on Glenwood end of Waska using waxworms and small jigs. West side of lake Reno has been good for walleyes. Also south end of lake Mary has been good for walleyes.

Fishing report for 12/21/12

Ice thickness on area lakes is now 7-10 inches. Wheelers are hauling some bigger houses out on Waska. Still advising caution! Starting to hear some good reports of walleye being caught on Waska. Best time is late afternoon in 12-15 feet of water. Use jigs and fathead minnows. Also some reports of crappie and sunnies being caught on Little Mary. Should be a good weekend to get the fish house on the lake!

Fishing report for 12/14/12

Ice conditions remain much the same. Use extreme caution on all area lakes! Thickness is anywhere from 2-5 inches and not even on any lakes. The 10 inches of snow last weekend is not good for ice making. Area lakes that are being fished are Reno, Malmedahl, Little Mary, and Waska.

First ice and fishing report for Waska

Special report on ice conditions. Use extreme caution on all area lakes. One person fell through ice on lake Pelican. This is first day of ice activity on Waska. Portables all over the lake. Not in the hole yet. Ice activity on Reno and Malmedahl. Do not think ice is entirely safe yet, so be careful.

Fishing report for 12/7/12

Ice fishing on east side of lake Reno for walleyes. Use jigs and minnows. Some small lakes remain fishable, but a lot of area lakes opened up due to wind and warm temps. That will change this weekend with big coo down being predicted. Will see lot more fishing next week.

Fishing report for 11/30/12

We do have ice and area lakes are being fished. Use extreme caution as ice is 2-4 inches thick. Lakes Emily, Pelican, Waska, Malmedahl, and Reno all have fishable ice. Northerns being caught on Malmedahl and walleyes on the other area lakes. Be safe and careful!

Fishing report for 11/23/12

Is everybody ready to ice fish? Am guessing with cold weather all next week will we see guys on the ice on smaller area lakes and also lake Emily. We will have fresh bait Saturday morning. Also, do not forget shelter licenses. Check your equipment and be ready to go!

Fishing report for 11/16/12

Nothing to report! Skim ice on ponds and sloughs. Also on Starbuck marina and smaller area lakes. Warmer weather is delaying ice fishing for now.

Fishing report for 11/9/12

Fewer fishermen and reports have the walleye fishing slower in west central Mn. Most are now waiting for ice!

Fishing report for 11/2/12

Same as last week only fewer fishermen. Now late fall and we are starting to wait for first ice.

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