Fishing report for 8/7/20

Sunnies, bass, and northerns are very active on Waska during the day. Walleyes are more consistent after dark. Most area lakes have reported good fishing for all the vacationers. Get the kids out and go fish!

Fishing report for 7/31/20

Fishing continues to be good for all species on Waska. Reno, Mary, and Miltona have also had good reports. Walleyes on Waska are still being caught in 7-10 feet of water using shallow crankbaits. Quite week in Starbuck as mayor plots his next move.

Fishing report for 7/24/20

Easy report this week. Read last week’s report and not much has changed. We have had a very good stretch of fishing. Bass, notherns, walleye, and panfish have all been good. Private enterprise and city  mayor cannot put legal crossing by beach on state highway 29. Accident waiting to happen.

Fishing report for 7/17/20

Best sunfish activity is in 7-9 feet of water. Big northerns in 4-6 feet of water are being taken with spinnerbaits. Walleyes have slowed during day due to the heat. Can still catch walleyes after sunset. Use shallow cranks in 7-9 feet of water. City mayor not giving up on using city park for private business. Who is behind this silliness?

Fishing report for 7/10/20

Bass and sunnies are still shallow early but do move deeper during the day. Walleyes on Waska shallow early and late in the day. Walleyes have slowed due to the heat.Water temps reported to be low 80’s. Starbuck city lawyers checking legality of private  business in city park. Nice way to treat Starbuck residents! Save our city park!

Fishing report for 7/3/20

Report is the same as last week. Unbelievable  stretch of good fishing for whatever trips your trigger. The water temps are going up so I think our best walleye fishing may slow down. Remember, Starbuck taxpayers own Starbuck City Park not the mayor and city council!

Fishing report for 6/26/20

Still very good walleye fishing on Waska, Reno, and Mary. On Waska 16-22 feet of water using spinners and live bait has been great. Use live bait on Reno and Mary during the day. Sunrise and sunset  in 8-12 feet of water using shallow cranks has been best on Waska. Bass and sunfish are still shallow and easy to catch on Waska. Emily is still good for catfish. Remember to help save the Starbuck public park from private enterprises. Starbuck mayor and city council has forgotten who the park belongs to!

Fishing report for 6/5/20R

Reno has started getting walleyes using jigs snd minnows. Walleyes on Waska at sunrise and sunset in 8-12 feet of water using crankbaits. During the day go to 22-24 feet of water using live bait. Long and Emily good for walleyes. Waska and Reno have been good for bass. Channel cats on Emily using cut bait. Sunnies and crappies are good on Waska and Reno. Lots to try!