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Fishing report for 12/19/14

Walleyes are being caught on Waska using rattle jigs and fatheads. Also shiners on plain hook has been good. Best time has been 4-8 oclock in afternoom. No best depth, good reports from all areas of lake. Look for crappies off the wall by fish hatchery. Lake Reno is kicking out walleyes on east side off of highway 29. Crappie activity reports on Maple lake bay off of highway 29. Waska has 14" of good ice. Disregard other reports as they are FALSE!

Ice thickness for Minnewaska lake

Minnewaska ice thickness is 13-14".There is a report from another business saying otherwise. This report is false. We have good ice and trucks with large wheel houses are moving all over the lake.

Fishing report for 12/12/14

Walleyes are still being taken on the area lakes. Jigs and fatheads on one pole and shiners and plain hook on the other set up. Ice thickness is at 13" so vehicle traffic has started. Warmer temps this weekend will not affect the thickness but may become wet on top of ice. No reports of other fish being caught.

Fishing report for 12/5/14

This has been the best 4 week start for walleyes on ice that I can remember!The ice thickness is close to 12 inches. That means vehicle traffic on area lakes this weekend. It also means our best walleye fishing is ending because eyes do not like traffic and are easily spooked.

Fishing report for 11/28/14

The same as last week. Ice conditions on area lakes is good. No car or truck on ice yet.

Special update- ice conditions

As of 11/26 Waska has 7-9 inches of ice. No car or trucks but lots of wheelers and bigger houses going out. I think most area lakes have the same amount of ice. Still advise caution.

Fishing report for 11/21/14

Ice fishing is in full swing on all area lakes. Most reports put ice thickness at 5-8 inches. Everyone is fishing for walleyes with good reports coming from Waska and Reno. Best time on Waska has been late afternoon using shiners or fatheads on jigs. No certain depth, as reports are coming from all over the lake. Call ahead for area lakes ice conditions.

Fishing report for 11/14/14

Open water fishing has ended. Emily, Waska, and Reno will be ice fishing very soon. Check ahead for ice conditions!

Fishing report for 11/7/14

Very little fishing activity to report this past week. Most people have put boats away and are hunting. Everyone is waiting for ice fishing.

Fishing report for 10/31/14

Walleyes still biting on Waska using jigs and minnows. Most fishermen have put boats away for the year. Reports state wide are the same. Deer season next weekend and then pray for early ice!

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