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Fishing report for 12/2/16

Still no ice and no reports. Good news is cold is on the way and by next week we should have some good reports from area lakes.

Fishing report for 11/25/16

Nothing new to report. Still no cold ice making weather. Have had no fish reports this past week.

Fishing report for 11/18/16

Same as last week. Fewer anglers and we need cold weather for lakes to freeze up.

Fishing report for 11/11/16

Report is same as last week. Walleyes still being caught on Emily and Minnewaska. Fishing pressure is nil. Everyone is waiting for ice up. Also the hunting seasons are on. Deer and pheasant hunters have done fairly well. We need cold weather to make some ice!

Fishing report for 11/04/16

Only the die hard walleye anglers are left. Fishing has been great on Emily, Waska, and Reno with limits of walleye. Most guys have put the boats away and are waiting for ice. Also hunting seasons are on with pheasant and deer being very good.

Fishing report for 10/28/16

Walleye fishing remains good on Emily and Waska. Same methods as all fall. Long lake is starting to be good for walleyes. Mostly die hard fishermen now with most guys thinking ice fishing. Fall hunting has been spotty. Still a lot of corn to be harvested. Some good reports of pheasant hunting. Deer season starts 11/5 and hopefully most of the corn will be gone.

Fishing report for 10/14/16

Prime time for fall walleye fishing. Patterns remain the same on Emily, Waska, and Malmadahl. No reports from Ann or Reno. Long is still slime green. Weather looks good for next week so go fishing!

Fishing report for 10/7/16

Waska and Emily continue with a good fall bite. See last week's report. Ann lake has been good for walleyes using crawlers and spinners in 10 feet of water during the day. Malmadahl has also been good for walleyes still fiahing from shore during the day. Still no reports from other area lakes.

Fishing report for 9/30/16

Fall walleye fishing has really picked up on Waska. During the day use minnows and jigs. Some people are still using crawlers and spinners. Evenings use shallow cranks in 7-8 feet of water. Shore fishing for walleyes on west side of Emily has been good. Still fish with live bait is best for Emily. Have not heard any good reports for other area lakes.

Fishing report for 9/23/16

Still the same as last week for Reno. More jig and minnow bite on Waska during the day in 14-16 feet of water. Evenings on Waska troll with shallow cranks in 7-8 feet of water. The weather has been poor with a lot of wind and rain. West end of Emily is good for walleyes using live bait. No other lakes to report as fishing pressure has been light.

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